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When an entity (the collector) collects another entity, the collected entity is added to the collector's inventory. The entity is captured by the collector, granting it ownership. The collected entity is no longer available to be collected by any other entities. The collected entity can usually be released back into the game world, or exchanged for other entities, depending on the rules of the inventory system of the game. Collection should not be confused with removal that awards score.


Strong Example

In Diablo, the player-controlled entity can collect various items, including potions, weapons, and armor. These items are carried in the entity's inventory (the inventory includes items equipped on the entity). The entity can utilize or release any of these items once collected. The entity assumes ownership of all collected items.

Weak Example

In The Secret of Monkey Island, some of the items found in the world can be added to Guybrush's inventory through the "pick up" command. Collected items are almost always permanently removed from the game world (notable exceptions include a mug that will reappear if the mug in your inventory is reduced to a lump of pewter), and items remain in the inventory until used in the world.

Additionally, at certain moments in the game, the player's inventory is modified without the player's consent. This happens when the player finishes a chapter and moves on to a new one. The player's inventory is emptied, except for a few items (red herrings?).

Strong Example

In Mario Party, the player-controlled entities coins by landing on certain spaces and winning mini-games. The coins can be used to buy stars or to pay Boo to steal stars from other player-controlled entities. Each board allows you to exchange coins for other services with non-player entities as well.

Counter Example In Super Mario Bros., Mario can remove coins which increase his coin score. This is not the same as inventory, as Mario cannot utilize the coins in any manner. Instead, Mario is awarded a bonus life when his coin score reaches 100. Additionally, the coins are permanently removed from the game world, and cannot be released into the game world again.