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This is a proposed entry.
This entry is currently being proposed as a permanent part of the ontology. It should be considered a draft and not really part of the "official" ontology.

Extra-game customizations are those achieved through the use of software or tools, provided or not by the developers of the game in question, external to the game itself. Those tools usually include, but are not limited to, level-editors, graphical editors and 3D modelling software.


Strong example

First-person shooter games such as Quake III: Arena [id Software, 1999], for Windows PC, usually attract communities of players devoted to the creation of new character models and textures (also known as 'skins'). Made with a variety of tools, those new elements are, later, incorporated into the game.

Strong example

The game Warcraft III [Blizzard Entertainment, 2002] has, included with the game, a world building program that allows users to customize considerably the play experience of the players. There are a multitude of these "custom games" and as with other games, these custom games attract a community of players. One of the main advantages of having this extra-game customization available is that, often times, the derived games are completely different from the original.

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id Software, developer (1999). Quake III: Arena. Activision, Windows PC edition.