General Structure for Ontology Entries

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Reproduced below is a model for entry proposals. Copy, paste it in a word processor and edit the model according to your necessities (you might not need every section available). Then, after adding the content, paste, preview and save it.


[[Category: Proposal]]

Write here a description of the category being proposed. You might want to use a paragraph or a few, depending on the subject and its complexity. You could also add a list of questions:

List of questions:

*Question 1

*Question 2


===Strong example===

====Game Blah==== Give a strong real-world example of the element you just proposed. For instance: In Name of the Game [Name of Developer, Year of publishing in yyyy format], for Name of the Platform, this feature exemplifies the proposed entry. Try to describe the example so it can be understood by someone who has not played that specific title.

===Weak example===

====Game Bleagh==== Pretty much the same as above, but using a weak example (this could be a little bit subjective).

==Relations with other elements of the Ontology==


*[[Name of the Parent Category]]


*[[Name of Children Categories (if any)]]


Name of Developer, developer (yyyy), Name of the Game. Name of the Publisher, Name of the Platform edition.

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