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Multiplayer games are those that can be played by more than one person simultaneously. The players actions in the game do not necessarily have to be concurrent or even synchronous. Multiplayer games are generally structured so that each of the participants is competing directly with the others. Other games are structured in teams, where groups of participants are cooperating against an opposing team. There are also cooperative games where the players collaborate together.


Strong Examples

Guilty Gear

Guilty Gear pits friends and foes one on one in a familiar but extremely extended realtime fighting engine. What one player does will immediately and irreversibly affect the other. This leads to a constant struggle of power and position, forcing one to react in response to the other or be destroyed. Utilizing the broad assortment of moves and engine maneuvers, each player has a rather full bag of tricks that facilitate trap setting, deception, attack, defense, recovery, and punishment for making mistakes.

Mario Kart:Double Dash

Mario Kart: Double Dash is a strong example of a multiplayer game. This is a racing game in the Mario universe. It has a single player mode, but the multiplayer aspects are where this game shines. Each car has two characters, that can be controlled by one or two players. One can drive, one can throw items, or one player can perform both. By hooking up four gamecubes, this game allows for up to 16 players to simultaneously race. The game also has another multiplayer battle mode where instead of racing around a track, the players can battle head to head with items in special battle arenas. Even the grand prix mode, which is used to unlock new characters and cars can be played by two people against the computers. This game is tailored for a multiplayer experience.

Tribes 2

Tribes 2 is a team based multiplayer first person shooter. It takes the standard planar FPS and adds the vertical demention by giving every player a jetpack that functions on the players energy bar. Players can choose 3 different armor classes which affect hitpoints movement speed energy usage and what weapons they can use. Because of this diversity, Tribes 2 encourages a balanced team of light, mid and heavy armor classes to work together to destroy the other team or to capture objectives. It also has free for all multiplayer modes in addition to its team based content.

Madden 2007

Madden 2007 is a strong example for multiplayer because is was made with the intent of being a multiplayer game. It allows you to compete against other people rather than just the computer, or on the same team against the computer. With an internet connection it can be played with people all over the world.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Superheroes (Kaillera 4P version)

This arcade game can be played online with three other people. In this four player version, each player can pick one character to be part of a tag team match, much like Tekken Tag Tournament. But since this is online, you can also chat online with your partner, who may be thousands of miles away, and co-ordinate attacks or even trash talk together.

Mario Party

Mario Party is a strong example of a Multiplayer game because of the obvious multi-player options available, each player can choose a character and play the game in a cooperative manner.

Shadows Over Mysteria

This game is an arcade game that is multiplayer for up to four players. Each player chooses their class and then cooperates to win.


Battletoads for the SNES is a strong example of a game that has the multiplayer option. 2 players can play this game at the same time. Playing as the characters Zits, Rash, or Pimple, the players control their characters through a variety of 2d levels where they fight valkyrie pigs, giant wasps, rats, and other opponents. The players have seperate lives from each other, but if one player loses all of their lives, both characters must start the level over again.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4

This game is a strong example because two players can play the same level at the same time in "free skate" mode, allowing them to do what ever they want. Also, there are multiplayer options to change the game type to horse, slap, or many others. So, essentially there are several different multiplayer games to choose from, and this is a nice option to have compared to fighters like Mortal Combat that have only fighting style games in multiplayer.


This is an excellent example of a multi-player game. There is no option to play a single player. All the gameplay occurs online playing against other players from around the world. It is team based. There are two teams that battle it out between each other. How well the group works together as a team determines who will win the battle.

Counter-Strike is one of the best examples of a multiplayer game. Thousands of people are logged in at a time to join eachother in an online shootout. This game was definately revolutionary in the multiplayer genre of games. When counter-strike was devolped it was solely an online game striclty developed for multiplayer. The excitement is far greater online with other real people than a singe player game. The game can hold more than 75 people in one level all playing at the same time. This excitement along with the quick based rounds, let to a multiplayer revolution that became very popular.

Madden 2007

This is a strong example of multiplayer because player compete against eachother in a competitive manner. This can be done online or with two players on one screen. Whoever has the higher score at the end of the time is the winner.


This is a strong example because you can play up to 4 players in multi player with a variety of game modes. At all times you can play 2 on the same team or against each other....Plus you can choose to partake in a home run derby where you can play against one another

Street Fighter

In Street Fighter two players may compete directly against each other simultaneously. Players choose a character and use the character's fighting abilities to defeat their opponent. Both players have full access to the complete state of the game. They can view their remaining health as well as the opponent’s remaining health and change their strategies accordingly. Furthermore, they can play with a timer that, coupled with health, will also change their strategies. Finally, both players may have a view of the control manipulation of the other player because they occupy the same physical space. Experienced players may modify their fighting strategies based on the button use of the other player.

Sonic 2

In Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for Sega Genesis one may play as a single player, or in a multiplayer mode. This multiplayer option functions on a split screen, with each player progressing through the game at the same time. It differs from the typical platformer multiplayer, in which the two players play independent games, one after another. And while each player interacts with each other less than in a shooter game, the feeling of playing with someone else is undeniable.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Essentially all fighting games are a multiplayer experience weather playing against a human or computer opponent, although the level of interaction is different the game is essentially multi-player always requiring a second consciousness in order to play.

Halo 2

Halo 2 offers a number of multiplayer options. In the campaign mode, players can choose to play cooperatively. The aptly named "co-op" allows up to two players to proceed through the story mode. There are different strategies incorporated with the multiplayer campaign mode. There is also a split screen component of Halo 2, in which up to 16 players can join one game. These split screen games involve players forming teams to complete team associated objectives (ex. capture the flag). There are also free-for-all games in which players compete for the most kills or related objectives.

World of Warcraft

In the game World of Warcraft you play with millions of people, which is considered as a massive multiplayer game. World of Warcraft is a massive online role-playing game where you are playing under a real-time game with other online players. In this game you can choose to play with your friends or go against your friends depending on the factions (Alliance//Horde) you and your friends pick to be. In the game you are able to form groups with other players to complete quest's that are given to you through out the game. You are able to group up to 40 people in a party to take on larger tasks that are in the game, known as raid instances. There is also the pvp part of the game, which allows you to go against other online players in a contested area of the game or in a pvp instance known as Battle Grounds. Overal World of Warcraft is a massive multiplayer game where you play as your own character but also with thousands of other people like yourself who are in the same server as you.

Super Smash Brothers Melee

In this game you can have up to four players competing agianst each other or you can create teams with up to four people. Players much choose a nintendo character and use their fighting styles and tecniques to defeat their opponent. You can also choose any level you want to play on. This makes a very good multiplayer game because it is fun and allows you to choose and set you style of game play which make it even more exciting when you play with your family or friends. This game does have a single player campaign mode but in reality most people may beat the campaign once but play the multiplayer aspect of the game a much larger amount of times because it is much more fun.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas

In Rainbow Six Vegas you can work with friends to complete missions. In what could be done alone can be done with the help of others. By having other teammates the team can approach situations tactically finding the best possible way to get the missions done. There are also other multiplayer modes such as death match or V.I.P. escort that add more aspects to the game. This can be played with up to 16 other people. This mode becomes less tactical and more "killing each other".

Pikmin 2

In Pikmin 2, two players can play with each other to accomplish goals and get treasure or they can battle each other. In the co-op challenge mode, one player plays as Captain Olimar and the other as Louie, a delivery man, and they must work together to finish the level, bring back as many Pikmin as possible, and get all the treasure before the time limit runs out. In battle mode, Capt. Olimar and Louie build their own armies in order to capture the other player's marble or collect four yellow marbles.

Tekken 5

In Tekken 5 for the PS2, two players can play against each other. Just like many other fighting games, the two players compete against each other to see who is the better fighter.

Dead or Alive 4

In Dead or Alive 4, you are able to get up to four players or two players co-op to fight till death. Players must choose fighters to battle against each other. With learning a variety of new moves, players are able to develop skills that are fit for a certain style depending on who the character is. This game provides more capabilities that the players are able to take advantage of. There are a variety of different modes where a player can take part in. This is a great game to get into because not only you are able to battle your friends that are next to you, you are able to play against hundreds of other players. Players online are able to play simultaneously in large groups, play in tournaments, etc.

Goldeneye 007

Goldeneye 007 for the nintendo 64 is a great example of a multiplayer game. Yes, it has a story mode in the game which you can play in single player, but you can also play it in co-op with a friend. The multiplayer section includes different maps to defeat your friends on and different types of weapons. There are several levels the players can choose from to battle each other to the death. The choices the players have for weapons is vast with such options as power weapons or proximity mines. The options for lives or points adds another aspect to the game giving the players various ways to switch up the game for everyone as well. A map on the upper left hand of the screen aids each player by showing how close the other players are to them giving some advantage.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

In FF:CC, up to four players can link their Gameboy Advance systems and play throughout the whole game simultaneously. Players get to customize their characters, fight through dungeons, shop in towns, and battle epic bosses all together in multiplayer action. It is possible to play this game one player, but hardly anyone does since it was designed to be played by more than one person.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

This game can be played in single player mode, but it is in multiplayer mode that this game truly shines. Instead of working towards odd objectives such as, ollie over the hobo, etc., multiplayer mode reflects the actual world of skateboarding by encouraging players to skate as hard as they can and focus on busting as fat as possible. Players are given a time limit and released into the ultimate skateboard world. It is then their mission to skate in a mildly competitive context and do the most interesting and difficult tricks. Whoever gets more points for doing better tricks and more complicated combo's, wins the match.

Perfect Dark (N64)

Perfect Dark is a shooting game that can be played with up to four players with the right amount of controls. The four players can either play against or with each other in this game. Each player can change their guns, are allowed to move around freely, and may choose their character's look. The story mode can also be played co-op with another player, which makes this game a great multiplayer example.

WarCraft III

WarCraft III is a game that can be played in a single player mode but it is the multiplayer mode that makes the game worth playing. During the multiplayer mode you can choose to play with up to 2-16 different players and each can choose between the four different races in the game. How you break up the teams is up to you, 2 on 2, 1 on 3, or even 8 on 8. You can even take the game online and play with gamers all over the world all with one thing on their minds. Taking out the opposing forces using any means necessary, or allowed in the game rules.

SoulCalibur II

This is a multiplayer game because more than one person can play this game. You can either choose to fight with the game or with another person. There are a variety of characters to choose from and two people can play fight against each other with the choice of whoever character. It is a good example of multiplayer


Clearly, Everquest is a strong example of multiplayer gaming. The game is practically impossible to play if there are no other people playing on your server. Unlike newer MMOs like World of Warcraft, not every class can achieve the highest level alone. Thus you are forced to group with other players at some point in the game, even at lower levels. Since there are so many different servers with different amounts and types of people, the economies and guild structures are extremely varied from server to server. Everquest also on a very large scale becomes interation between players. 100 person raids of dragons have to be well strategized and synchronized between each individual using the skills of his class to defeat the foe. PvP servers also add another ripple to the multiplayer experience, where besides just random killing a raid must always be on the look out for players who find enjoyment in aiding the computerized dragon in dismantling the well formed raid.

Unreal Tournament

Unreal Tournament is a First Person Shooter originally for PC. While the game does contain a single player mode, the main reason people play the game is to play against other people online. Unreal Tournament, now at version 2004, is one of the most played multiplayer First Person Shooters on the internet.


Starcraft is a strong example of a multiplayer game because of the ability to play with and against other players. Either through LAN or using the integrated online play, players can connect their computers together and either fight against each other and see who can destroy the other players base, or can play UMS(user map settings) and achieve a specific goal that can force you to work cooperatively with other players.

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is easily one of my favorite games to play multiplayer. The game does have a single player mode in which the player must defeat several opponents as they increase in difficulty, however playing a friend on multiplayer has its own appeal. Each player gets to choose from several characters who each have their own unique powers and moves. Getting accustomed to each character is half the fun as each player tries to figure out the secret moves while battling each other. Also, selecting the fatality option makes beating your friend even more entertaining as they are killed in the most gruesome ways.

Mario Kart

Mario Kart for Nintendo 64 is by far one of the grestest games for multiplayer. Although the single player is available, racing with other players is extremely fun to play with two to four other players. Four courses are grouped together to win as a single championship. Players place in either first, second, or third at the end but must come in at least fourth place in each course in order to move on to the next track. Although speed is important, the end result varies since players can slow eachother down by using weapons to hit each other with. Each player can choose which character to be from Mario to Toad. Although the goal is to place as best as you can, the fun of just trying to beat your friends makes the game worthwhile to play over and over.

Diddy Kong Racing

Diddy Kong Racing for Nintendo 62 is a strong example of a multiplayer game because of the variety of options players have in multiplayer mode. Players can choose between racing on any track that has been unlocked and each individual can even choose what kind of craft they want to race in. Players can choose to race on a course with only the human players in the race or they can add computerized racers. There are also the options of players playing a trophy race which includes a mad dash through all levels in a single world. To top it off there is the option of players competing in a series of challenges such as seeing who can gather a number of eggs first.

Project Justice

A “Versus mode” provides the multi-player component to this fighting game. In multi-player the character ordinarily controlled by the computer opponent is instead controlled through a second game pad. Two players are then competing directly against each other with button combinations and attacks influencing the health of the opponents character. Both players have the same goal of using button combinations to cause the opponents health gauge to reach zero, also creating conflict.

Wii Sports

wii sports is a strong example of a multiplayer game. each player can compete on teams, or individually against the computer, amongst themselves (who can get the higher score), or head to head. Tennis, baseball, bowling, Golf, Boxing; the choice of which way to compete in multiplayer play is up to you!

Weak Examples

Heroes of Might and Magic III

Heroes of Might and Magic III is a weak example of multiplayer because of the many problems that are associated with complex turn based games. While at first, player’s turns are quick due to limited playing options at the games start, the game begins to lag with each turn as players take longer and longer in exhausting what they can do in one turn. Single player skips over this downside by simply computing ai turns with the click of a button. This brings to forefront another multiplayer annoyance. When playing with ‘friends’, turns get ‘accidentally’ skipped if one takes to long in getting back to the computer since there is no protection against someone playing your turn for you...

Devil May Cry 3

Devil May Cry 3 displays a very weak example of a multiplayer game. It only has one part in the game that is multiplayer, and that is toward the end of the game. The first player, playing as the character Dante, must fight one of the final bosses. During this fight Dante's brother Virgil joins in the battle. Virgil is controled by the computer, but for that part of the game, a 2nd player can pick up the other controller and control Virgil to help Dante win this battle. The option of a multiplayer for such a small fraction of the game seems pointless to me, but they did include it.

Final Fantasy VI

In the Config section of the menu, there is a Controller option with the choices of Single or Multiple. With this, a player can choose to assign characters in the party to the first or second controller. This way, two different people can control the actions of the characters in battle. This is a weak example of multiplayer because the second controller/player can only control things in the game during battles, and in all other instances the first player has control over the majority of the game.

Animal Crossing

In Animal Crossing, multiple players can be mapped to separate player-characters and occupy the same town, but no more than one player can interact with the gameworld at a time. The consequences of certain actions by one player, like planting a tree or buying items from the ingame store, persist for other players when they play the game and load the same town. However, other actions are relevant only to each player. For example, each player has a daily treasure that is buried.

Tales of the Abyss

In Tales of the Abyss for the PS2, only one player could control the main character during maps and exploration, but during battle, up to four players could each control a character. Since multiple players can only play during battle and not during every part of the game, Tales of the Abyss is a weak example of Multiplayer in a game.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Within GTA San Andreas, there is an ability the first player has to allow a companion to join. It is not outlined in the game, so it seems as if it is almost a secret. The missions cannot be played with two players, consequently resulting in simple two player destruction and mayhem. The players do not have full range of movement. Many would hesitate to call GTA a multiplayer game, because the story only corresponds to the first player.

Civilization III

Civilization III provides an example of a game with weak multiplayer gameplay. At face, it seems that there are multiple players, due to the fact that you are trying to build your civilization up before the others do. However, unless played online, the leaders of the other civilizations are not controlled by another person. Almost always, you face a bunch of computer controlled opponents. And this is indicated by the vast available selection of options for the computer's difficulty, land, and how to win the game.


Ikaruga is a mostly single player arcade style game. It gives the player the option to co-op with another player but you only play through the exact same single player just with a friend. The game offers no head to head multiplayer type gameplay. This together makes Ikaruga a weak example of multiplayer.

Guitar Hero 2

This game can be played with two players, but another guitar controller is needed to play multiplayer mode. You cannot play more than two players either, so it doesn't really make it a "multiplayer" game. There are a few options to playing multiplayer, for example, you can play against each other or with each other on a song, or one can play bass and the other the guitar.

We Love Katamari

We Love Katamari does have a two player mode. However, the setting seems to overwhelm the relatively underpowered PS2, which can only handle worlds a fraction of the size of the single player levels and not nearly as many items. I Love Katamari is technically a multiplayer game, but the feature is more of a bullet point or an afterthought than a serious part of the game. It is also not very fun.

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX is a weak example of multiplayer because, though it technically includes multiplayer, its limited to random battles, and is not widely advertised throughout the game, but is instead a setting embedded in the config menu. A second player can take control of characters assigned to them, but again its almost hard to find and is totally unnecessary, with no place for the second player most of the time.