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Spawn points are specific (non random and predetermined) places where game entities appear. Generally, spawn points are the places from which enemy entities will appear. Sometimes, though, it is used to have player controlled entities appear. There are many different ways in which spawn points are implemented. Some are represented visually to the player, while others are invisible. Some operate all the time, constantly generating entities, while others are triggered only when certain conditions are met. Some conditions include proximity of a player controlled entity (spawn when the player controlled entity moves within a certain distance of the spawn point), removal of non-player entities (for example, respawn the entity when it is removed)


Strong Example


If the health of a player reaches zero he is then said to have been "killed". A timer is then displayed in the center of the screen which, upon reaching zero allows the player to spawn (instant generation of the player controlled entity) his character at a spawnpoint on the map display. Spawnpoints are a key element to the game play of Battlefield. A major goal in the game is to capture and hold spawnpoints, restricting the ability of the opposing team to reinforce. If your team is in possession of one of these capture points you can spawn your character there until it becomes captured by the opposition, then the opposing team can make use of it as a spawn point. The more spawnpoints held by your team the faster your team can react to the enemy force as you are given more selection in where you wish to deploy. This allows you to spawn as close to the enemy as possible, minimizing time wasted in reaching a destination (your opponent).