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An entity that captures another entity claims ownership of that entity. The captured entity may have previously been claimed or unclaimed. If capture occurs on a claimed entity, the previous owner involuntarily loses ownership.

Other activities are often required to capture an entity. Simple collision or target acquisition of an entity may capture the entity. In cases of capturing locations or territories, the capturing entity may only have to move into the location or territory.


Strong Example

Rise of Nations

In Rise of Nations, nations can capture other nations' cities by damaging the city and sending infantry into the damaged city. The city then goes through an assimilation period during which the city does not benefit either nation, and the previous owner can capture the city back.

Strong Example


In Homeworld, the Salvage Corvette unit can capture damaged ships owned by another fleet. The captured ships become part of the fleet to which the Salvage Corvette belongs.

Weak Example

Super Mario World

In Super Mario World, a player may capture the shell of a stomped koopa. In doing so, the once protective shell of the koopa becomes a weapon against him. This is a very fleeting example, as ownership is very brief.

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