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This is a proposed entry.
This entry is currently being proposed as a permanent part of the ontology. It should be considered a draft and not really part of the "official" ontology.

Decelerating time occurs when all events in the gameworld are uniformly slowed down in relation to a standard rate and all game entities maintain a standard level of agency. This effect has come to be commonly referred to as 'bullet-time.' From a gameplay perspective, decelerating time is usually used as a device to allow players more real-time to plan and execute their actions in the game. Decelerate Time should not be confused with games in which the player can set the "speed" at which events happen. For example, setting the length of a football (soccer) match in FIFA 2002 isn't time deceleration because the speed at which the events will happen is uniform for the entire match.

Examples: Max Payne, FEAR, Viewtiful Joe


Strong Examples

Sim City

In Sim City, the player can set the speed at which time passes in the game. This setting can be changed in the middle of a particular session (ie, while building a particular city) and it is often used by players as a way to "pass time" until the next important in-game event, usually the end of the year. Also, some players use it to quickly accumulate riches once they've built a city that is profitable.

Weak Examples


In Okami a player my execute a brush stroke that decelerates time. This deceleration only effects enemy entities and not that of friendlies. In this sense, it is a local deceleration. The enemies move an extremely slow pace compared to the player's character, allowing for numerous attacks and easy evasion. SInce the deceleration isn't uniform, it is considered a weak example.

Since the deceleration isn't uniform, it is considered a weak example.

Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

In Zelda: Majora's Mask, a key element of the game is using the Ocarina to slow down time, allowing the player more time to complete dungeons and other tasks. Because you can speed time back up at will, it is a weak example.