Aural Output

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Aural output varies over its constituent "wavelengths" For example, many games make use of background music that helps set the mood of a game, but changes very little in response to the game state, other games (such as Halo [Howard, 2001]) use background music to more dynamically reflect the game state. In their use of sound effects, many games follow the same pattern of creating a sound field that mirrors the visual representation of the game world.

There are also games available that focus on presenting the game state to the player exclusively through sound. An example of such games is Demor [Hulskamp and Dekker, 2004], a location-based 3D audiogame that places players in a three dimensional first person shooter where they must rely on their ears to guide them. Players perceive the game through a stereo headset and use that information to guide their walking and firing.





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